Plasma Fibroblast


Plasma Fibroblast treatment is a revolutionary method for a perfect face and body rejuvenation. It is important to stress that Plasma Fibroblast is a non-surgical technique where no scalpels are used. The Plasma Fibroblast treatment is an active answer to patients need for beauty treatments that provides a perfect look but is not based on surgical methods as there are non-surgical risk involved.

How Does The Treatment Work?


The hand tool used for Fibroblast releases tiny plasma gleam from its edge. The device does not have contact with the body, but the plasma gleam makes a small spot on the area treated. The creative innovation follows a procedure that converts solid objects into gas, otherwise known as the sublimation process. It takes up to 4 weeks for the best results. Topical anesthetic is applied 40 minutes prior treatment to relieve discomfort.

Which Areas Can Be Treated?


Non-surgical blepharoplasty-skin tightening of saggy upper and lower eyelids, skin lesions such as skin tags, warts, seborrheic keratosis, unwanted wrinkles on the face, frown lines, crow's feet, smoker's lines, neck lines, age spots, sun spots, scarring including stretch marks and post surgical scars, tummy skin tightening, lip enhancement, neck tightening and more. Schedule a consultaion for more details.

What can i expect after Fibroblast Treatment?


Final results after the treatment depend of the severity of skin laxity or size of lesion, the desire result, the general conditioof the skin and any preexisting skin or medical problems. Reduction in skin folds and creases appear immediately. The tiny brown spots flake off over the following 5 to 7 days and the skin will heal over the same period. Swelling is common and can be quite pronounced around the eyes often worse the following morning and can last 3 to 4 days.

What is the aftercare?


Immediately after treatment, there may be a burning sensation. This will usually resolve during the remainder of the day although if it is particularly uncomfortable or persist for a longer period, then an anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen can be taken. We recommend not to touch the tiny scabs to avoid the premature fall off, avoid risk of scarring and to get the desired results. Organic Aloe Vera Gel is recommended. Avoid make up for 5 days. SPF 30 required for 3 months.

What About Downtime And Contraindications?


One of the major advantages of fibroblast is that it offers much less invasive/expensive alternative to surgery as well as the time that takes to carry out. This does not mean there is no downtime, but by comparison it is minimal, significant swellinfg particulary around the eyes diminishes 2-4 days after treatment, the tiny brown scabs fall after 5 to 7 days. They also may be cover with make up after 72 hours.

Pregnancy or nursing, diabetes, pacemaker, chemotherapy treatments for the last 6 months, under 18 years of age, keloid scarring, high blood pressure that is not under control, sun exposure for the last two weeks, accutane for the last 6 months, retinol creams for the last month, cancer, healing problems, blood tinners, open wounds and low blood pressure.

All of this are contraindications for plasma fibroblast treatment. Please call Body Beauty & Brain for more information.